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Every element of the interface can be docked either to the left or right of your screen. You can even choose to pop out a window, drag and drop it to arrange the space however you like. Every change you make is saved by the platform, so once you’re satisfied you won’t have to think about it again.


One of the key features of Let’s Role is the Journal. You can create entries using text, pictures or even pdf files, then share them with your fellow players or even another table if need be. What makes it really powerful is that multiple players can edit the same note at the same time, while everything happens in real time. To make things easier, you can sort out your notes by creating folders and take advantage of our advanced search that let you look for titles, tags or even the content of any note.


In order to make your experience easier, the Quickbar allows you to drag and drop elements from your character sheet to create shortcuts. It can be your abilities, an attack or a skill for example, and you can even assign an icon to them to further customise your user interface. By clicking on an empty slot, you can also add a custom command and the good news is that everything is saved in real time, so next time you join the same table everything will still be how you left it.

Video Maps

One of our goal with Let’s Role is to take advantage of technology and a good example is our wish to use videos instead of regular pictures for your maps. It’s a great way to make any campaign more immersive and we would like to express our deepest thanks to content creator Dynamic Dungeons for letting us use these videos.

Content Crafting

This feature allows Game Masters to create non-player characters or creatures on the go, for example, and to simply drag and drop them on a scene. They can also create a weapon or a skill and drag and drop it directly to a character sheet.

Music with Youtube

Another way to take advantage of modern technology is to connect to the wide web’s resources. That is how we envisioned the Music Manager tool, which lets you import any YouTube link or playlist. Then, video playback is synchronised between everyone at the table and each person can set up the volume to their own liking, or even mute the video playback if need be. You can also create your own playlists within the tool manager, gathering YouTube videos and playlists, sorting songs out at any moment to suit your needs.


We’ve added multiple tools for you to do freeform drawing, add arrows, points of interests or custom shapes on any scene. By allowing you to add texture to a shape, you can even create a map on the go and, as everything within Let’s Role, any change is made in real time and synchronised between everyone at the table.


The chat box is a practical way to communicate in the course of the game, using emojis or writing in italics using the /me command, and we’ve added some extra features. You can link any element from your character sheet using brackets and easily share with the other players an item you’ve found or the detail of one of your spell for example. You can also start a private chat with another player by clicking on the bubble icon on their avatar.