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Who Are We ?


Jonathan Lead Developer

Jonathan started learning web development more than 20 years ago, when he was 13. He never stopped and ended up making it his career, witnessing technologies evolving throughout the years. When he was a teenager, he was a Shadowrun Game Master and has played many different games since. Even though he's now mastering D&D5 most of the time, he holds a deep affection for cyberpunk universes. Among the activities he does in his free time, Jonathan plays the Asian game of go.

ExServ Social Manager

Since he created his Youtube channel in 2011, Benoît “Exserv” Reinier has had many different hats. His video guides led him to become a video game journalist in several magazines including Gamekult and PlayStation Magazine from 2014 to 2018. After that, he has started dividing his time between being a video maker, an author and game design consultant. He discovered tabletop rpg quite late, thanks to Jonathan, and plays every week with his friends.

Benjamin Partnerships Manager

Video Game Director at Quantic Dream and TRPGs writer, Benjamin is passionate about all forms of storytelling and imagery. After studying screenwriting and movie directing, he first worked in cinema and advertising ; later, he joined the video game industry to work on projects such as Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human. In the world of RPGs, Benjamin has worn many different hats, from salesman, to convention and club organizer, to publisher, or author. After several years of hiatus, and some more studies in writing, Benjamin decided to refocus solely on writing and directing for the video game and TRPG industries. His latest projects thus include Tales from the Loop, Cthulhu No Kami, Valerian, Meutes, Esteren and Fateforge.

William Designer

William discovered HTML and Photoshop 20 years ago, which is how things got into motions. Working with many different languages and technologies, he has enjoyed rising to the challenges of his job on a daily basis ever since. Also a man of many hats, his wide graphic skills range from photography, illustration, video direction, to designing flyers, booths, adverts, among others. He started collaborating on this project as a service provider for the refreshing of the app design, then integrated the team as full designer over time.

Dyzae Community Manager

Role-playing enthusiast since she was 15, Dyzae fell in love with Let’s Role. Starting as an alpha-tester, she then stood out thanks to her reactivity, her skills in programming and designing system sheets. She’s currently helping to maintain the link between the community members and Let’s Role team.

Laurelyne Translator

Is curiosity an ugly flaw? Not for Laurelyne, who has never placed limitations on her explorations. This way of being has nurtured both her skills and trades: she is a searcher, an author, a proofreader, a translator, and an educator. Thereby, she has often found herself in unlikely places, witnessing the birth of promising projects from the margins - of which Let’s Role is a good example. She is bringing to the team her reviewing and translating skills.

Also a huge thank you to our moderators, nerghull and Tiamate! As well as our previous moderator, Tenshi.

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