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Tabletop RPG allows us to live great adventures, to foster our imagination, our creativity, but also to open up to people, to sharpen communication skills and work within a group. By engaging with other players, we speak and listen in turn, we learn to solve complex problems, to move as a group with a common purpose in the same direction, and learn something about ourselves along the way. Thanks to crowdfunding platforms, streaming platforms and video makers, RPG has become more and more popular and is no longer considered a niche hobby, but rather a multi-media entertainment accessible to everyone around the globe.

This is why we believe that Let’s Role should not target a specific group of people but rather aim to help beginners and seasoned players alike. In order to reach that goal, we do our best to create tools that are visually explicit and easy to use, while making sure every feature is tuned to accomodate the needs and expectations of experienced players as well.

By making the website free, we want to make sure that it is easy to engage with other people, organize campaigns with friends. There will be no feature locked behind a paywall and we won’t ask for any kind of subscription. Instead, we plan to sustain our platform by using a free-to-use model, meaning selling cosmetic microtransactions. Everyone should be able to enjoy the website to the fullest of its potential without barriers, and be free to choose to support its development.

As a young company, we will do our best to enforce this vision by making sure that we put selfcare, goodwill and accessibility before other considerations. We have both experienced a wide range of companies in our adult lives, and this is a unique chance for us to create one that we are proud of from the ground up. We are very thankful that you took some time to read this page and hope that Let’s Role will meet your expectations when it comes to having some good times rolling dice and telling stories.

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